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Give You a Hug Day


Give You a Hug Day

Today is Give You a Hug Day, because I want to, because I feel like it, because I want to give you one.

Today it's Give You a Hug Day.
It doesn't officially exist,
but who cares?

I want to give you a hug!


I hope you like it,
maybe tomorrow you have another special day,
because you deserve it.

I made it up,
there's no such official day,
at least not that I know of,
and if there is one...
well, today it is that very one special date,
because I ruled it to be so.

Happy Hugging Day,
I hope you give me back
a nice big squeeze of arms.

Happy Hugging Day,
Happy Day of Giving Each Other Hugs,
Happy Day of lots of unexpected hugs.

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