It's hard to face it alone, but it makes you stronger. - Quote in pics  

It's hard to face it alone, but it makes you stronger.


No one likes the idea of going through hardship alone and without any help, but it is true that doing so changes you.

The toughest walk is the one you do alone,
but it is also the one that makes you stronger.


It is not pleasant,
no one would like to be in your situation,
but if you are alone in the face of difficulty,
if there is no one to help you,
if you are left without company,
without direction,
without guidance....

Then you will be forced
to learn and improve by your own,
you will make mistakes,
of course you will...
You will have troubles,
you will go through darkness,
you will suffer
and maybe at times you will cry,
but in the end you will come out ahead,
you will win, and you will do so
because you will be better than before,
you will have gained more experience,
you will have learned from experience,
you will have become stronger
and more resilient,
you will no longer let yourself be cajoled,
you will have a greater independence,
you will know better what you are worth,
you will value yourself for who you really are,
and when you look back
you will admire yourself
for how strong you are.


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