Pride is like fire, it can also burn and consume us - Quote in pics  

Pride is like fire, it can also burn and consume us


Pride is like fire, it can also burn and consume us

"Just like fire, pride can be a source of warmth and light, but it can also burn and consume us if we're not careful." © Shoshan

Pride can be a powerful motivator, driving us to achieve great things and become our best selves. But just like fire, it can quickly get out of control and cause destruction if we're not careful. To harness the warmth and light of pride, we must approach it with caution and awareness, lest we be consumed by its flames.

I walk upon a tightrope high,
a balance act, where pride resides,
on one side, a confidence so bright,
on the other, arrogance that bites.

Pride, like fire, warms my soul,
a source of light, a glowing coal,
yet I must be careful, lest I'm consumed,
by flames that burn, and dreams entombed.

It's like a coin, with two faces so true,
one side that brings success anew,
the other, a quick and painful fall,
a lesson learned, a humbling call.

I wield this tool, this power so great,
to achieve my goals, to pave my fate,
but I must use it wisely, with care,
for pride can also be a stumbling snare.

With wings to fly, or dreams to break,
a dangerous game, a risk to take,
I balance on this tightrope with grace,
in the middle, where pride finds its rightful place.

© Shoshan

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