We don't learn from our mistakes because we're constantly denying them - Quote in pics  

We don't learn from our mistakes because we're constantly denying them


Many times we find it difficult to admit our mistakes, and we even waste time denying them and arguing about them. It would be better to simply acknowledge and learn from them.

More people would learn from their mistakes
if they weren't so busy denying them.
- Harold J. Smith


We all make mistakes,
but sometimes it's hard for us
to admit that we actually made them,
as if it would make us look bad,
as if we would be valued less for it,
as if we would be made fun of,
or as if it would make us look stupid and weak.

But mistakes give us
the opportunity to grow
and be better.

We could learn from that which we did wrong,
we could take lessons from the experience gained,
we could be better prepared for the future,
we could be better thanks to our mistakes.

It depends on each one of us,
you can decide to keep telling yourself
that you don't make mistakes,
or that this mistake was not yours...
or you could just assume it,
and learn from what you have experienced.


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