If they care, they’ll always find time for you - Quote in pics  

If they care, they’ll always find time for you


Let's tell it how it really is... if someone cares about you, no matter how busy that person is, he or she will make time for you.

No matter how busy a person is,
if they care, they’ll always find time for you.


You can be told anything,
they can be assured that you are loved,
that they care about you,
that you are a priority,
that they haven't forgotten about you,
that you are important,
that you are on their mind,
that you are always in their mind and heart....

But when it comes down to it,
if they never find time for you,
if they don't dedicate
a little of their time to you,
I have the feeling that
there is not much truth to it,
and that no matter what they say,
they don't really care about you.

It's actions that count,
not words or intentions.

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