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It's sad to break up... but now you are free


It's sad to break up... but now you are free

I know it's hard to be going through a breakup, a separation... but it's not all bad, think about what you are going to gain and you so much deserved.

“Breakups can be sad,
but sometimes tears
are the price we pay
for a freedom we need.”
– Steve Maraboli


Nobody likes to discover
that the relationship
to which they dedicated
so much time, effort and sacrifice
was not what they thought it was,
that the relationship was not as stable,
that the person they were with
was not as they thought to be...

Nobody likes to say goodbye
to the person to whom
they have devoted so much of their life.

But life is like that,
sometimes they betray us,
sometimes they limit us,
sometimes they relegate us,
sometimes they ignore us
and sometimes they clip our wings.

It's hard to deal with a breakup,
it's hard to smile when you're heartbroken,
when your heart is cracking and shattering,
but there is life beyond this situation,
there is hope as well.

Now you have the freedom you once lost,
now you can be yourself again,
you can do what you wanted to do and couldn't...
you can enjoy what you shouldn't have sacrificed.

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