Every moment is a fresh beginning - Quote in pics  

Every moment is a fresh beginning


No need to wait any longer... because this very moment is the ideal time to start again.

Every moment is a fresh beginning.
- "East Coker"
(1940 poem, from Four Quartets)


Every moment is perfect to start over,
to give yourself a new opportunity,
to look up and start afresh,
giving yourself another chance,
believing that it is possible,
encouraging yourself to try,
striving to do your best,
making an effort
to do the best that you can.

There is no need to wait any longer,
there is no need yet another chance,
because each moment lived is in itself,
a new opportunity.

You can change,
you can restart,
you can advance,
you can improve,
you can take other directions
and you can achieve
whatever you desire...
but you have to start
at this moment,
the new one that is given to you.


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