Friends are a gift from God - Quote in pics  

Friends are a gift from God


Friends are a gift from God

Thank you for your friendship, God bless you very much. It is a blessing to have you in my life.

Friends are a gift from God,
and through your friendship
I have seen God's love.


I can say without a doubt,
that having you as a friend
is a divine blessing.

I am grateful to God
for the friendship that you offer me,
for the opportunity that the Lord has given me
by giving me the opportunity
to meet you and to be friends with you.

Thank you for your friendship,
thank you for the time you dedicate to me,
for the patience you have for me,
and for your good words and intentions.

Your friendship
is to me a reflection of God's love,
and I thank the Lord for it,
and of course,
I thank you as well.

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