Important difference between happy and unhappy people - Quote in pics  

Important difference between happy and unhappy people


There are plenty differences between happy and unhappy people... but without doubt this is one of the most common ones, don't you think?

The happiest people I know
are always evaluating
and improving themselves.

The unhappy people
are usually evaluating
and judging others.

– Lisa Villa Prosen


If you are happy you don't need
to spend your time judging others.

If you are truly happy
you don't need to waste your energy
trying to diminish the merit of others,
trying to find something to criticize,
pointing out in what you are better,
and where others are failing.

Happy people tend to look at themselves
and make themselves better
without the need of criticism from others.

If you want to be happy
it would be better to look at yourself
and not so much at others.


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