Christmas that time of year when I'd rather wrap myself in a blanket than in family obligations - Quote in pics  

Christmas that time of year when I'd rather wrap myself in a blanket than in family obligations


Christmas that time of year when I'd rather wrap myself in a blanket than in family obligations

Christmas: Between Blankets and Obligations

Here it comes again: lights everywhere, non-stop carols, and yes, those Santa hats all over the place. For a lot of people, it's the best time of the year. But what if it doesn't feel that way for you? Don't panic, you're not alone in this.

Christmas Can Be A Bit... Much

Let's be real: sometimes, Christmas feels like a marathon. Shopping, dinners, gatherings... it's a lot. And having to be jolly all the time on top of that? It can be more stressful than exciting.

What About Staying on the Sofa?

Here's a wild idea: what if we spend this Christmas under a blanket, watching movies or reading something cool? Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take a break from the busy schedule and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

Your Space, Your Rules

Christmas doesn't have to mean non-stop action. It's okay to want some time for yourself. If a quiet night in sounds more appealing than a festive party, go for it. What matters is doing what makes you feel good.

To Each Their Own Christmas

Everyone experiences Christmas in their own way, and all ways are valid. Some love all the festive fuss, others prefer something more low-key. And that's perfectly fine.

At the End of the Day...

Remember: Christmas is about being comfortable. If that means snuggling on the sofa away from the hustle and bustle, then so be it. In the end, what counts is that you're happy, whether that's in the middle of a party or in the comfort of your living room.

© Shoshan, 12/04/2023

Poem of little desire for Christmas

Christmas nears, subtle, soon to arrive,
But in my soul, it stirs not a single vibe.
Decorations emerge, shining in every street,
Yet in me, they spark no festive beat.

Some already adorn with heartfelt glee,
But I let it pass, untouched, free.
The lights, the colors, the joy all around,
Leave me indifferent, without a sound.

"Christmas is coming," they joyfully say,
But in my heart, there's only a cool, empty sway.
I'll leave the decorating for the very last,
Without haste, without longing, without a blast.

Carols play, merry and infectious,
But in me, they sound almost fictitious.
It's not sadness, nor is it disdain,
Just an inner peace, alone, without a stain.

Christmas is on its way, yes, it's true,
But it awakens in me only a calm view.
Without rush, without ornaments, without pretension,
I await Christmas, in my quiet dimension.

© Shoshan

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