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Give sorrow words


Don't keep your feelings to yourself, not even your suffering. You have to express it, let it out... because if it is not voiced, it ends up destroying you.

“Give sorrow words;
the grief that does not speak
knits up the o-er wrought heart
and bids it break.”

– William Shakespeare (Macbeth)


There are moments when we feel hurt,
we have mourning in our hearts,
we are going through grief...
we are in pain,
we are suffering,
a great sorrow afflicts us....

We need to cry,
we need to express ourselves.

And it is convenient to do it,
to give words to our pain,
to find a way to bring it out from inside,
to let the wind hear us,
to write it down in a diary,
to tell it to someone,
to put into words
what we are going through...

Because by doing so
we release part of the pain,
and if we don't do it,
that pain continues to grow
so much that it can destroy us.

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