Women's Day meditation, image and video - to share - Quote in pics  

Women's Day meditation, image and video - to share


Women's Day meditation, image and video - to share

External criticism doesn't define my worth; it reflects their lack of understanding.
Loving yourself is the first step to happiness ✨
You don't need anyone else to be complete.
You are beautiful, intelligent, and strong.
You don't have to change anything to be accepted.
You are unique and special, never forget that.
Your worth as a woman is undeniable.

Reflection for Women's Day


In a world filled with endless chatter and opinions, it's all too easy to find ourselves drowning in the noise from the outside. We face a barrage of comments, criticisms, and judgments that, while not meant for us to shoulder, somehow find a way to weigh us down. Yet, it's crucial to understand that these external criticisms are not a reflection of our worth; they mirror others' misunderstandings and limitations. They aren't our load to bear but a reflection of their own battles and views.

The path to happiness and fulfillment kicks off with a straightforward yet impactful act: loving ourselves. This self-love isn't a destination but a continuous journey of acceptance, growth, and self-compassion. It marks the beginning of a quest for a life brimming with joy, peace, and satisfaction.

In this voyage of self-discovery, we must hold onto the truth that we don't need someone else to feel whole. We are complete and complex entities by ourselves. Our innate beauty, intelligence, and strength are what empower and define us. There's absolutely nothing about us that needs to be tweaked or changed to fit into the molds or expectations set by others. Our imperfections are what make us perfect.

Every one of us is unique and special. This distinctiveness shouldn't be cloaked or something to shy away from but rather celebrated. It's our individuality that sets us apart and defines our essence. And it's within this genuineness that our real strength lies.

Being a woman means being inherently worthy. Our worth doesn't stem from our actions, appearances, or achievements but from our very existence. By acknowledging our worth and embracing our womanhood, we harness the strength to overcome any obstacle, counter any criticism, and live life on our own terms.

So, in the midst of all the clamor and distractions, let's never forget our true selves and the immense power each of us holds. Let's fortify ourselves in the knowledge of our own worth, let our self-love illuminate our paths, and stride through life confidently, aware of our unbreakable spirit, unique nature, and profound worthiness. You are a woman; you are inherently worthy.

© Shoshan, 03/05/2024

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