Love from Afar: Words that Shorten Miles - Image, Letter and Poem to Share - Quote in pics  

Love from Afar: Words that Shorten Miles - Image, Letter and Poem to Share


Love from Afar: Words that Shorten Miles - Image, Letter and Poem to Share

Do you love someone from afar? This quote in image is for you. Feel every word, share it with your loved one.

Though far apart, my love, I always feel you near;
in every dream, your voice is the breath I hear.
Each star in the sky guides me to where you are,
your love is a lighthouse, shining from afar.

Distance is no barrier to this great love we share;
in every heartbeat, I carry you, free from despair.
I long for the day we can finally be together,
to love you up close, and never again part, ever.

Each star in the sky guides me to where you are.

© Shoshan

Love letter from a distance


My dear love from afar;

In the stillness of the night, as I gaze upon the starlit sky, each star seems to whisper your name. In those moments, despite the miles between us, I feel you right here with me. Though our hands cannot intertwine, our hearts remain connected, beating in unison, transcending distance.

Listening to our song, "Love from Afar," each note resonates within my soul, echoing my feelings for you. This melody has become an invisible bridge linking our separate worlds, a constant reminder that no matter how far apart we are, our love remains strong and true.

Every day, I dream of the moment when we can finally be together. I dream of the day when our laughter fills the same room and our eyes meet, not through a screen, but in the tangible reality. Until then, this letter is my hug, my kiss, my caress, sent across the miles, carrying my love to you.

Please, never doubt the depth of my love. Like a lighthouse guiding ships on a dark night, your love guides me through the days of waiting. You are my light, my hope, my constant yearning. And though distance forces us to be apart, in my heart, we are always together.

With all my love and longing,

Your love in the distance.

© Shoshan, 11/15/2023

Poem for you, my long-distance love

In the quiet of every dawn,
Your words stir me to respond,
Like a sun breaking through night,
Your letter lights up my solitary plight.

Each phrase, a soft touch of your hand,
Each word, a step towards the promised land,
Where dreams of being together at last,
Turn into reality, love vast.

In the stars, I see your face reflected,
In the breeze, I feel your nostalgic embrace.
Though seas and mountains keep us apart today,
Our love is a bridge, steadfast, full of sway.

As the moon endlessly follows the sun,
My heart follows you, never undone.
In every beat, in every thought,
It's you, my love, my perpetual sought.

I await the day our paths will join,
Where farewells are but a tale, a mere coin.
Until that moment, in every new dawn,
I carry you within, love you more than can be drawn.

© Shoshan

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