Healing a wound requires not touching it anymore - Quote in pics  

Healing a wound requires not touching it anymore


The more you touch the wound, the more you remember it, mention it, and think about it... the bigger the wound will become.

Healing a wound
requires not touching it anymore.
© Shoshan


And so it is...
we don't want it to hurt,
we want it to be a thing of the past,
we no longer want it to cause so much pain...

But when our heart has been broken,
there is no point in touching the wound,
to pick at it more and more...
because the more you talk about it,
the worse it gets,
the more it hurts.

The more you talk
about the harm that was done to you,
or how bad was the experience,
or how unfair it was to you...
the more it will sting,
it is a fact of life.

Because by doing so
you keep it going,
not giving it time to heal.

You make it worse.

If your heart was so badly broken,
the best thing you can do
is to release it,
leave it behind
and not mention it anymore...
you have to allow time
for the wound to heal.

Healing a wound
requires stopping touching it.


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