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If i have to ask for help, so be it


If i have to ask for help, so be it

If I encounter problems,
I will solve them!
And if I have to
ask for help,
so be it.

We all need to
ask for help
from time to time.

If life puts me in a situation
of needing others help,
I will not keep it to myself.

I will seek the help
of those who appreciate me
and would gladfully help me,
just as I would do for them.


I understand life is not always easy
and there are often complications,
things that don't go right,
things that turn out in a different way,
an unexpected and unwanted way.

But that's how life is,
and I shall overcome it all,
I shall look up onto my future,
and seek what is best for me.

But knowing that some times
are more difficult that I can really take,
I will seek out my friends,
count on my brothers and sisters,
family and beloved ones...

Because they can help me
just as I would help them.
We should count on each other,
we shouldn't go on the hardship of life
just by our own, when we are not so.

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