A simple wish for your Christmas season - Quote in pics  

A simple wish for your Christmas season


A simple wish for your Christmas season

There are many things that we wish each other at Christmas, but I think that the simplest Christmas is also the most beautiful. https://bit.ly/Christmas-quotes


I want to wish you
something very simple,
but which I believe
is perfect for the occasion:

A merry Christmas,
of peace, reflection,
joy and good fellowship.



Merry Christmas,
there will always be much
we can wish each other,
but this Christmas,
I want to wish you
the simplest thing,
peace, reflection,
joy and good company.

We don't need
anything else,
just to live it.

Christmas is beautiful
when we live it
in a simple way.

Merry Christmas,
my best wishes to you
on this special time of year.

Happy holidays,
and Merry Christmas!

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