From a proud mother - Quote in pics  

From a proud mother


"Each time I see the person you've become, I feel blessed. Keep shining, my love."

To you, my beloved child, I sing this song,
a melody of love, of faith, and passion strong.
You are the brightest jewel in my crown,
the most shining star when the night is drawn.

From the moment you entered my life's embrace,
each sorrow turned joy, each wound was erased.
You are a proof of love, divine blessing,
my heart beats with your vibrant song, confessing.

I watch you grow, I watch you bloom,
into a fine man/woman, you have assumed.
My chest swells with pride, my heart overflows,
in front of the masterpiece that arose.

God has been kind, gifted me a treasure,
a being of light, of peace, of love beyond measure.
Your laughter is my shelter, your love is my guide,
you're my bright sun each new day's tide.

Each step you take, each dream you reach,
fills my soul with new hopes, each.
You are my pride, my joy, my life,
the sweetest melody, the most cherished strife.

So go forth, keep shining, keep being bright,
the world needs your radiant light.
You are a beacon in the night, a star in the day,
keep illuminating the path, my dear joy, I pray.

You're the most precious gift, the greatest blessing,
I can only thank god for this walking miracle, confessing.
To you, my beloved child, I dedicate this song,
my heart brims with love, with pride, devotion strong.

© Shoshan

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