Even models wish they could look like their own images - Quote in pics  

Even models wish they could look like their own images


Let's not be obsessed with trying to look like the stars and celebrities we see on TV and in the media... let's just try to be happy with ourselves.

Even the models
we see in magazines
wish they could look
like their own images.

- Cheri K. Erdman


Internet, instagram,
facebook, tiktok,
social networks,
magazines, television,
and all media...
are full of images of women
who are more beautiful
than the models themselves.

Our perspective has been altered,
our minds have been retouched,
filters have altered our eyes
and we no longer see well,
nor do we distinguish clearly
what is real from what is not.

Before we keep trying
to be like our fantasies,
let's be realistic
and put ourselves together as we are,
accepting ourselves wholeheartedly.

Even the models,
the movie stars,
the actresses of the TV shows,
and the most beautiful models,
when they look at themselves
and see themselves on the screen,
wish they could be
like the woman they see.


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