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What it means to actually believe in yourself


What it means to actually believe in yourself

Believe in yourself, believe in what your worth, trust in yourself, don't get carried away by the opinion of others.

To believe in yourself is not about
saying "they will like me", but rather
"even if they don't like me, I'll be fine."


You are worthy,
no matter what others say or think,
your value is genuine,
regardless of if they can see it or not...
someday they will realize it,
but in the meantime, you go ahead,
fight for what you want,
keep working on what you believe in,
follow your dreams
and continue working on your projects,
and don't let yourself be discouraged
by the incomprehension of everyone else.

Believing in yourself,
knowing that you are worthy,
having self-confidence...
is about having the certainty
that you are on the right track
and that you will continue to be well
no matter what may happen,
even if they don't like you
and even if they don't appreciate you
and even if they don't understand you.

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