Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings - Quote in pics  

Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings


I know you didn't want an ending, but be hopeful, for now a new story begins.

“Celebrate endings
—for they precede
new beginnings.”

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie


We do not like endings,
at least not those of what has been good,
what we never intended to come to an end,
what has entailed sacrifice on our part,
what we value most.

But sometimes,
those endings come,
they do not follow reason
and they simply happen.

We might become depressed,
we might become sad,
we might lose hope
and not see a bright tomorrow.

But we can also look at it from another perspective,
the one that experience has given us,
which is that when something ends
it also gives way to a new beginning.

New beginnings that we did not dream of,
new experiences that we did not imagine,
that we did not think possible
or simply did not know existed.

Endings usually mark
the beginning of something new.

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