It's necessary to be in darkness before you can see the stars - Quote in pics  

It's necessary to be in darkness before you can see the stars


When everything is dim and dark, when everything fails you, when nothing goes right, when there is no light... that's the point when glimmers of hope can begin to be seen.

It's necessary to be in darkness
before you can see the stars.


When it is daytime,
when it is clear,
when the sun shines...
things usually go well for us,
because we can see,
we have better vision...

But sometimes
so much brightness prevents us
from seeing things, alternatives,
ways out, solutions
that may be there
but we just don't notice
because there' s too much light.

An example of this is the stars,
which do not really disappear during the day,
but the light of the day does not allow us see them,
and at night, sometimes far from the city light,
is when we can begin to see
what we had always had there
and were unable to identify.

So, let us not lose hope,
sometimes there are solutions
that we cannot see at the moment,
answers that we are unaware of,
paths that we do not see,
possible ways out
that we cannot imagine.

There are times when it is necessary
to actually be in the dark
to finally begin seeing the stars.


There is another similar very popular quote:
“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
― Martin Luther King, Jr.


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