No matter how bad things get for you... - Quote in pics  

No matter how bad things get for you...


No matter how bad things are for you, there will always be people who wish they could be in your shoes. What's more, they would find your situation dreamlike.

There are at least
a billion people in this world,
who'll consider
their prayers answered
if they could switch places
with you

- Sam Harris


Sometimes our perspective fails us,
we seem to think that
no one could be in a worse situation,
that our pain, our anguish
and the injustice we are going through
is greater than what anyone could bear.

But the truth is,
you who read me and see this image,
you are a privileged person,
in this planet of approximately
7.9 billion people...
you are undoubtedly
a very blessed person.

Many would be willing to die
to be in your situation,
many dream of a life like yours,
that the problems you have
would be theirs,
that your worries would be theirs.

Because no matter what we are going through,
there are always people, lots of people,
who are struggling.

And if our situation,
as bad and ugly as it may be,
is actually a situation
that is dreamed of by other people.

So, what are we missing?
What are we not seeing?
What are we not appreciating?

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