You will not be able to stay motivated all the time - Quote in pics  

You will not be able to stay motivated all the time


You will not be able to stay motivated all the time

I am glad to see that you are motivated, that you have decided to make changes and improvements... but remember that hard times will come and test your motivation, but discipline will always serve you well.

You will not be able
to stay motivated all the time,
so you should learn
to be self-disciplined.


If you are especially motivated,
I offer you my most sincere congratulations,
as I am very happy for you,
because that will make it easier
to carry out the changes and sacrifices
that your project may require.

But sometimes motivation is not enough,
because there will always be tough moments,
difficult situations that test you,
that make everything more difficult;
situations that lead you to see no reward
for the many efforts you make.

That is why I invite you
to also develop discipline,
day by day, working on it,
making progress every day.

Develop habits
that will help you to build discipline,
to strive daily for your goals,
to work for what you want
even when you don't see the results.

It is great to be motivated,
but discipline is your ally.

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