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It' s acceptable to live a life that others don't understand


It' s acceptable to live a life that others don't understand

No one should tell you how to live. You don't have to live for others. It doesn't matter if they don't understand you, you are a worthy person because of the way you are, not because of the opinion of others.

It' s acceptable to live a life
that others don't understand.


It' s acceptable to live a life that others don't understand.

I'm here to tell you that it's okay to live a life that others don't understand. I know this because I did it for many years, and then I decided that wasn't the life I wanted anymore. It took me getting some distance from my childhood home, moving away from where everyone knew me, and starting over on my own terms in a place where no one knew anything about me. It was scary at first but once I got used to it, I realized how much more freedom there was in being true to myself than there ever had been in trying to please other people. Now when people say things like "you're too old for this" or "that's not normal," my response is always the same: It doesn't matter what other people think! You're here on earth for yourself only—not them—and so long as you're doing something that makes you happy then what does their approval have any meaning anyway?


It's okay to be true to yourself. You are who you are, and that's okay. Don't let others tell you who they think you should be or what they think is best for you, because it just might not be what's best for them. You know yourself better than any of us and we have no right telling someone how they should live their life when we don't even know them personally. No one knows the path that was laid out before me more than I do...I'm following my own path! And guess what? It just so happens that this path aligns with my values because it means I'm doing things for myself instead of trying desperately to fit into a mold created by society in order for me/you/us all as a whole group (humanity) not only survive but also thrive as individuals within our community and society as whole groups (family).


It's okay to live a life that other people don't understand. You are not here to please anyone but yourself and your loved ones, so you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. If someone tries to make you feel bad about the way you are, they're wrong—and it's best for everyone if they keep their thoughts to themselves.

If someone doesn't get why your favorite color is green or why you like eating peanut butter on pizza, who cares? If someone thinks that choosing one career path over another makes them better than others, then they have some growing up to do. And if someone thinks living in New York City has anything at all do with being an adult, then I'm sorry—I just can't help them!


You are not here to please anyone but yourself. Your worth is not based on their approval. When you care about what others think of you, it's easier for them to hurt your feelings and knock you down a peg or two. But when you feel confident in who you are, it becomes harder for people's opinions of you to dictate your own self-worth.


So how do you make the most of your life?

- The first step is to do what you love.
- The second step is to make a difference in the world.
- The third step is to be happy.
- The fourth step is to be kind to others, and yourself.

You are unique and special in your own way, so don't let anyone tell you differently! Be yourself, and stand up for what's right! Don't settle for less just because it's easier; if something isn't working out for you, change things up until it does work out!


I know you're afraid. I've been there, and it can be scary to do things in a way that doesn't make sense to everyone else. You might ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" or "What if they don't understand me?"

But here's the thing: It's okay if people don't understand you. It's not their fault; it's just how they are wired up. And guess what? They aren't going to change! So there is no point in trying to explain yourself or argue with them about your choices because no matter how hard you try, their mind will not change (or at least not for long).

So instead of worrying about what other people think about your choices, focus on yourself and remember why YOU did what YOU did in the first place!


I believe that the most important thing in life is to be yourself and appreciate it. Don’t try to be something you’re not; just be true to yourself and your values. Don’t let other people’s expectations control your life, but don't forget that being different can be scary if you aren't confident enough in yourself.

Being true to myself has not always been easy, but as I grew older I realized that I could not live a life based on other people's expectations of me. If something felt wrong for me in my heart then it was very likely that it would also feel wrong for many others around me – even those who might otherwise support such actions from their loved ones! It was difficult at first because there was so much pressure coming from friends and family members who wanted things from me without understanding other motives behind such requests (or lack thereof).


If you feel like you're living in a different world than your friends, that's okay. You are not here to please anyone but yourself. Your worth is not based on their approval and if they don't understand that, then it's time for them to take some time off from life and learn how to be alone again. Remember: "It' s perfectly normal for people to live according to others expectations, but it' s not about what other people think of us but rather what we think about ourselves."

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