Psalm 27:8 My heart tells me to seek the Lord my God - Quote in pics  

Psalm 27:8 My heart tells me to seek the Lord my God


We have been created to be in communion with God, so if our heart longs to seek Him, why do we resist? God wants to be with us, let us seek Him.

My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”
Your face, Lord, I will seek.
Psalm 27:8 (The Bible)


Friends, let's talk about our hearts today.

Do you ever feel like there is a void in your life? A hole that can't be filled? A sense of longing that won't go away? I know I do sometimes. And I think a lot of us do.

I believe that when we feel this way, it's because our hearts are seeking God's presence in our lives. Our hearts need God.

Our hearts seek God's presence, but sometimes we forget to listen to them. Instead of tuning into what they're saying and searching for Him, we let our minds tell us what to do instead (which often isn't helpful). But if we listened more closely to what our hearts tell us, and acted on those instincts instead of fighting against them… well then maybe we'd be able to find God!

God wants to be found. God wants us to search for him. God wants us to know him, and love him, and trust him. He wants us to be able to hear his voice when he speaks, so that we can follow his lead instead of just doing whatever our minds tell us.

Start now. Start searching for God. Start listening to your heart, and let it guide you. Start praying, and ask God for guidance. Start reading the Bible more closely, and see if it makes more sense than before. Start searching for God and he will be found by you.

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