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Powerful shoutout form Women's Day


Powerful shoutout form Women's Day

— I am a Woman —
I am strong and brave, deserving respect just for being me.
I walk with faith and dignity.
Happy Women’s Day!

I am a mother, a warrior of love, defending my children with the fierce tenderness of my heart.
I am a wife, the lighthouse that guides and protects our home, because being a woman is about embracing the world with hands of infinite capacity.
I am a woman—Treat me with respect, not just because I am a mother, grandmother, or granddaughter, but because being a woman in itself is more than enough reason.
I am a daughter of God. I walk with my head held high, my knees only bend to God, reflecting my unbreakable faith and the dignity that envelops me like a mantle of light.
Happy Women's Day!

Resilience at Heart: The Journey of Being a Woman

From the earliest of my recollections, life has driven me to be strong. Not that I wanted it so, but it has been just a matter of necessity. Each and every obstacle, every loss, all my disappointments would teach an invaluable lesson. Strength is not an option.

I am a woman, and that, being just that, has provided the greatest struggle and the deepest strength of my life. A mother, a daughter, a grandmother, and a friend—each role demands strength unlike the other and tests you in every possible way. I have come to find that, on this journey, my true essence is not how easy life is but how I stand up after every fall.

And there were days when the vulnerability had seemed my only companion—moments when fear wrapped around me like thick fog, a fear of failure, of not being enough. But in there, burning inside me—something, determination, the whisper perhaps of courage—that said to be a woman is to be strong.

It has taken me all this time to learn that my value is not predicated on how impervious I look to the rest of the world, but actually, it lies in how many times I am willing to get up again, how many tears I am willing to turn into nuggets of experience. Being a woman means that delicacy and strength live in me, not as two opposing characters, but as complementaries in the eternal dance of light and shadow.

Being a mother taught me about unconditional love, that capacity to give everything expecting nothing in return. To be a daughter, I showed the motives: to say thanks and appreciation, the beauty of admiration for all those that came before me. Being a granny allowed me to give wisdom and also enjoy the privilege of shining for the new generations with the light that experience brings. And what is friend? Oh, what a friend taught me. Even when the world around one seemed to shatter, caring for and being there for another person.

Today, I look back and see a path littered with struggles and victories, tears and smiles.

Every step, every choice built me to be the woman that I am right now: a woman who has learned to embrace her vulnerability as her greatest power. So yes, I am a woman, strong and courageous, who deserves respect just because I am walking in faith and dignity. I know my worth is not in gauging the battles I've not avoided but those with which I have faced open-hearted. This Women's Day, I celebrate the journey, not the path, and say that, through this day and the ones ahead, may we find the same strength, inspiration, and support that we have all banded together for. Let this day always remind you of our unbreakable resilience, constant search for happiness, and dignity that characterizes us. Happy Women's Day!

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