My Christmas spirit is hibernating... along with my desire to socialize. - Quote in pics  

My Christmas spirit is hibernating... along with my desire to socialize.


My Christmas spirit is hibernating... along with my desire to socialize.

"My Christmas spirit is hibernating... along with my desire to socialize."
© Shoshan

My Christmas Spirit in Hibernation: Reflections and Tips

Hey, you know what? This year, my Christmas spirit seems to be taking a long nap, just like my desire to socialize. And it looks like I'm not the only one. Do you feel something similar?

Christmas, with all its glitter and bustle, can be overwhelming. Sometimes, we just don't feel like diving into that sea of festivities. And that's okay, you know? We don't all have to be in "merry Christmas" mode all the time.

ccepting How We Feel


First off, let's accept how we feel. If you're not up for socializing or getting into the whole Christmas vibe, don't force yourself. Being honest with ourselves is key. Christmas isn't a competition about who is the most festive.

Finding Our Own Version of Christmas

Then, let's find our own version of Christmas. If that means a quiet night watching movies, reading a book, or just staring at the stars, then so be it. Find what makes you happy and do it, guilt-free.

Connecting in Different Ways

And about socializing, there are many ways to connect with others. A message, a call, or even a letter can be as meaningful as a big gathering. Sometimes, the smallest actions have the biggest impact.

Setting Boundaries

It's also important to set boundaries. If you feel like you've had enough, it's okay to say no to more commitments or gatherings. Your well-being comes first, and the people who truly care about you will understand.

Being Kind to Yourself

Finally, be kind to yourself. Not every year is the same, and it's okay to have a quieter one. Christmas will come back next year, and maybe by then, your Christmas spirit and desire to socialize will have reawakened.

Conclusion: Live Christmas at Your Own Pace

So, if this year your Christmas spirit is hibernating, don't worry. Find joy in the little things, connect in your own way, and remember that it's okay to live Christmas at your own pace. The real magic of Christmas is being comfortable with ourselves and how we choose to live it.

© Shoshan, 12/04/2023

Poem: Retreating into Christmas

In the stillness of my room, I hide away,
as christmas approaches, slow and grey.
Lights flicker outside, unaware of my scorn,
but under my blankets, I find my own morn.

The world sings carols, full of glee,
but in my soul, only melancholy can be.
I seek no lights, I long for no songs,
just to be alone, away from the throngs.

Laughter and toasts ignite in every home,
but in my haven, those sounds are overthrown.
Christmas, with its bustle, does not entice,
I prefer the silence, where my peace lies.

In the warmth of my bed, I dive into oblivion,
away from the revelry, in my hidden dominion.
No desire, no joy, just a silent plea,
to live these days in my way, free.

Christmas looms, with its festive cloak,
but under my blankets, I find my revolt.
Not sadness, not bitterness, just a choice,
to be alone, in peace, in my own voice.

So, while the world celebrates with zest,
I embrace my solitude, unopposed, unblessed.
In the retreat of my room, my spirit rests,
while christmas outside, continues its quests.

© Shoshan

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