May this Easter be a reminder of all the good things in life - Quote in pics  

May this Easter be a reminder of all the good things in life


"May this Easter be a reminder of all the good things in life, and a celebration of the love that binds us together." -Shoshan

May the spirit of Easter bring you peace, the joy of the season, and the hope of a bright tomorrow.

May this Easter be a time to reflect
on all the good things that we neglect
the blessings we have, big and small
and the love that binds us, one and all

May we cherish the moments we share
with family and friends who truly care
may we laugh, love, and celebrate
and appreciate the joy of fate

May the beauty of springtime inspire
as we watch the world around us come alive
may the flowers and trees remind us all
that new beginnings are possible, after all

May we remember the sacrifices made
and the love that triumphed over hate
may we honor the hope and the grace
that Easter represents in every way

May we find comfort in the embrace
of those we love and hold dear in place
may we be thankful for the light
that shines within, and guides us right

May this Easter be a reminder
of the strength and the kindness we can offer
may it inspire us to be better
to love more deeply, and to care better

May we see the good in all around
and appreciate the beauty that surrounds
may we find joy in the simple things
and the happiness that true love brings

May we be grateful for each day
and the blessings that come our way
may we find peace in the present moment
and the love that makes our hearts content

May this Easter be a time to rejoice
in the love that binds us with its voice
may we celebrate the goodness of life
and the hope that helps us through the strife

May we hold on to the love that endures
and the memories that make life pure
may we embrace the beauty of this day
and cherish the love that guides our way

May this Easter be a reminder
of the love and the light that shines brighter
may it fill our hearts with love and grace
and lead us to a better, brighter place.

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