Each person is different, when you give love you should understand that - Quote in pics  

Each person is different, when you give love you should understand that


"Each person is different, when you give love you should understand that it will not be returned in the same way. Everyone has their own way of being, and just because it's not the same doesn't mean they don't love or value you." © Shoshan

Each person is a unique flower, with its own scent and color. When giving love, we must understand that its return may not be the same. Everyone has their own singular way of showing affection, and it is this diversity that makes our relationships fascinating and enriching.

A flower bloomed within my soul,
unique in its own way, its own goal.
And when I offer love, it grows,
in ways that nobody really knows.

For each and every soul I meet,
the way they love can be so sweet.
It might not be returned to me,
in the same way, as they see.

But still, their love is just as real,
a special bond that makes me feel.
That love is more than just one way,
and something I embrace every day.

So I will keep my flower bright,
and cherish every bloom in sight.
For love is like a garden rare,
with varied colors and sweet air.

And though it may not all be the same,
our love is what makes us all remain.
A flower of love within our heart,
a symbol of the beauty we impart.

© Shoshan

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