Happy start of the week! May this week be filled with tiny victories - Quote in pics  

Happy start of the week! May this week be filled with tiny victories


Happy start of the week! May this week be filled with tiny victories, small joys, and sweet moments that make your heart sing.

As the new week begins, let's welcome it with a happy heart and a positive attitude. May each day be filled with little victories that bring a smile to our faces, small joys that warm our hearts, and sweet moments that make us feel alive. Let's cherish every moment and make this week one to remember.

Of every week, the start is a clean slate,
A chance to shine and rise above the rest,
To fill our hearts with joy and celebrate,
And strive for greatness with a hopeful zest.

May this new week be filled with sweet surprise,
With tiny victories that make us smile,
With little joys that light up our tired eyes,
And moments that make every day worthwhile.

Let's seize each moment, make the most of time,
And cherish every step along the way,
For life is precious, and its rhythm chimes,
A melody that we should live each day.

So let's embrace this week with open arms,
And find the beauty in its many charms.

© Shoshan


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