Being good to others isn't just a choice, it's a responsibility - Quote in pics  

Being good to others isn't just a choice, it's a responsibility


"Being good to others isn't just a choice, it's a responsibility. It's how we bring light into the world and make it a better place, one act of kindness at a time." © Shoshan

Life is a gift we receive at birth, and it is our responsibility to share our light with others. Sometimes we may feel that our individual actions don't have a big impact, but every act of kindness we share can make a big difference in the world. Let's do our part and become the reason someone is smiling today!

Let the heart be the compass,
and kindness be the guide,
for in every act of goodness,
we'll leave the darkness aside.

It's not about what we gain,
nor what we stand to lose,
but the light we can bring,
with every kind act we choose.

So let us be the change,
in a world that needs it so,
with compassion and love,
our kindness will surely glow.

For being good to each other,
isn't just a choice we make,
it's a responsibility we carry,
to mend every heart that breaks.

So let's spread love and kindness,
with every step we take,
and be the inspiration,
that the world needs to wake.

© Shoshan

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