When we speak ill of others, we reveal our own insecurities - Quote in pics  

When we speak ill of others, we reveal our own insecurities


"When we speak ill of others, we reveal our own insecurities. Let's choose to build ourselves up by building others up." © Shoshan

When we speak ill of others, we not only reveal our own insecurities, but also contribute to a world of negativity and hurt. Instead, let us choose to uplift and empower one another with kind words and actions, creating a ripple effect of love and compassion that can change the world.

Gossip, slander, and deceit,
will never make our lives complete,
for every word of ill we speak,
we plant a seed of pain and bleak.

Let's choose to lift each other high,
and let our words uplift and amplify,
the beauty in our fellow souls,
and watch our hearts reach brand new goals.

We never know the hurt we cause,
when we speak with tongues that pause,
so let's choose kindness, love, and grace,
and leave the darkness in its place.

For every word of hurt and strife,
can scar a heart and take a life,
but every act of kindness done,
can bring us closer to the sun.

So let us be the shining light,
and make a difference with our might,
by speaking words of love and light,
and choosing kindness every night.

© Shoshan

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