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Books are beacons of thought


Books are beacons of thought

"Books are beacons of thought, illuminating the immense seas of knowledge and guiding us safely toward the shores of understanding." © Shoshan

Books are timeless treasures that embrace the very essence of humanity, harboring within their pages the thoughts, dreams, and longings of generations. They are the beacons of thought that, with their light, pierce through the darkness of ignorance, illuminating pathways to worlds of wonder and wisdom. In each book, we find shelter, inspiration, and growth, becoming explorers of knowledge and architects of our souls. As we read, we sail across the seas of time and history, allowing the words, like waves of wisdom, to shape our minds and carry us to destinations of profound understanding and love for life.

Oh book, my beacon in the night,
you light my path, my guide in life,
a safe harbor in my storm,
the compass pointing me to wisdom's form.

Your pages, a refuge for my soul,
where dreams and longings freely grow,
you are the guardian of generations,
entrusted with their deepest contemplations.

Oh book, you are my vessel,
sailing seas of time and history's level,
with every word, my heart is filled,
with waves of knowledge, love, and glory instilled.

You transform me, dear book,
into explorer and architect of my own nook,
shaping me with your wisdom's embrace,
into a being learning to retrace.

Oh book, my faithful friend,
you are my window to the infinite bend,
you grant me wings to soar,
and teach me to love the unknown, forevermore.

© Shoshan


"Books are beacons of thought, illuminating the immense seas of knowledge and guiding us safely toward the shores of understanding." © Shoshan


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