Have a nice day, my love - Quote in pics  

Have a nice day, my love


Have a nice day, my love, I love you very much.

Have a nice day, my love.
Thank you for making every day
special and memorable for me.
I love you very much.


My love, my sweet love,
this image is for you
because I wish you the best
and especially because
you make me feel better.

I love you, I adore you
and every day with you
brings me new joy.

Thank you for your presence in my life,
thanks for the time you spend with me,
for your patience and your constant affection,
for everything you do for me,
for what you put up with me
and what you don't,
thank you for everything my love,
you make my life,
and every day in it special.

You are the reason for my daily joy,
you are my constant happiness,
and I love you for it.

Have a happy day my love, I love you.


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