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Understand and be understood


Understand and be understood

Between couples, you should listen to each other... because if not, there is no way you understand each other.

“The most basic of all human needs
is the need to understand
and be understood.
The best way to understand people
is to listen to them.”
Ralph G. Nichols


We all want to be understood,
we wish to be heard,
to be paid attention,
to feel listened to
and not ignored.

In couples,
this is vital.
To be in a good relationship,
you must listen to each other,
because only that way
could you start to undertand.

Do not ignore your spouse,
do not close your ears
to what your girlfriend or boyfriend has to say
do not think to yourself
that you already know it all,
or that you know better,
and that therefore,
listening is not important.

Make each other feel important,
at least if you want to have
a relationship work.

Listen and try to understand.
A simple trick
that can do wonders.

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