What a positive attitude really means - Quote in pics  

What a positive attitude really means


What a positive attitude really means

Keep strong! Be positive! I am sure there are better things to come!

To have a positive attitude
does not mean
you should always be happy.

It simply means
that even in the hardest of the days
you know that there are better ones to come.


Just wanted you to know
that I am thinking of you,
that I am by your side,
trying to be your support.

You may count on me
for whatever you wish,
but never forget
that every single day
is a new day.

One day things will change
and you will be better off,
we all go through stages,
and even if you are now
in one of the most difficult ones,
it will not be forever.

And while you wait,
remember I am here,
just by your side,
wishing you the best.

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