Though galaxies apart, our love is the bridge connecting two worlds in an eternal embrace - Quote in pics  

Though galaxies apart, our love is the bridge connecting two worlds in an eternal embrace


Though galaxies apart, our love is the bridge connecting two worlds in an eternal embrace

"Though galaxies apart, our love is the bridge connecting two worlds in an eternal embrace." © Shoshan

"Each night, the moon whispers the same to us, reminding that soon we'll be together." © Shoshan

In every star you see, there's a kiss I've sent your way. Each night, the moon whispers a secret: that no matter the distance, our love is stronger. Even though we're apart, every sunrise brings me closer to you. I dream of the day when, instead of sending my kisses across the sky, I can give them to you in person. Until then, look for my love in the moon and the stars. I'm there, always with you.

"Though you're far away, with each dawn I feel your presence, like an embrace traversing time and space." © Shoshan

"Every star in the sky is a kiss I send, awaiting the day I can give them to you in person." © Shoshan

Romantic Letter: Stars of Love Across the Distance

My dear loved one:

As I pen these words, I feel each one weaving an invisible bridge that crosses oceans and galaxies to reach you. Though we are separated by seemingly insurmountable distances, our love remains that strong, warm bond that unites us.

Each night, as I gaze at the moon, it feels as though she keeps our secrets and whispers of love. It's as if she speaks to us in a language of our own, filled with promises and hopes of a soon reunion. The moon, with her soft and steady light, reminds me that no matter the distance, we are connected, dreaming of one another.

With the dawn, when the first ray of sunlight illuminates my room, I imagine it's your presence entering, filling every corner with the warmth of your love. It's an embrace that transcends time and space, a reminder that though you're far away, you're always with me.

And on starry nights, I look up at the sky and think of you. Each star seems like a kiss I send to you, laden with all my feelings and desires to be by your side. I long for the day when I no longer have to send them across the night sky but can give them to you in person, under the same starry mantle that has seen us dream and wait.

My love, though distance separates us physically, in my heart there are no kilometers, only infinite love for you. Each day that passes is one day less until we're together, and while I cannot deny missing you immensely, I also know that our patience and love are stronger than any distance.

So here I am, loving you from afar but feeling you so close, waiting for the moment when our hands intertwine and our dreams of being together at last come true. Until then, I send you all my love and affection, wrapped in every word of this letter and in every star in the sky.

With all my love,
Your loving one.

© Shoshan, 12/08/2023

Poem: In the Stars, I Find You

In the night, I look to the sky,
hoping to see you in a star.
Though far, I feel your sigh,
like a gentle trace from afar.

The moon, our faithful messenger,
speaks of love and hope so bright.
Its light, in my heart, a lodger,
sketching dreams of delight.

With each dawn that arrives,
your image in my mind does stir.
Though I can't see you with my eyes,
my love for you never does blur.

Each star, a kiss held in store,
shining in the vast, dark sea.
I long for the day, on the same shore,
to give them to you, to be.

I dream of that joyful time,
when at last, I can hold you close.
In that moment, sublime,
time will pause in our engrossed.

Until that day, my dear,
in the stars, I will find you.
In their glow, I sense your cheer,
and in my heart, I'll always keep you true.

© Shoshan

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