"Dreams fade when promises dissipate into thin air." © Shoshan - Quote in pics  

"Dreams fade when promises dissipate into thin air." © Shoshan

"Dreams fade when promises dissipate into thin air." © Shoshan

"Dreams fade when promises dissipate into thin air." © Shoshan

Dreams fade when promises vanish into thin air. As time moves forward and empty words dissipate, a sense of resignation takes hold of me. I watch as the illusions that once propelled me slowly dissipate, leaving a void within. Unfulfilled promises are like a chilling wind that extinguishes the flame of hope in my heart. Though disillusionment and sadness may overwhelm me, I find solace in knowing that I must seek strength from within to keep the spark of my own dreams alive. While promises may fade away, I can still find a new purpose, a new direction that leads me toward a horizon full of possibilities.

With a broken heart and a shattered soul,
I find myself lost in a sea of disillusionment.
Promises whispered to the wind with sweetness,
faded away like charmless bubbles, an omen sent.

I believed in every word that escaped your lips,
each promise was a ray of light in my sky.
But now all that remains are ruins and deceit,
a landscape of disappointment, a heart's outcry.

How could you weave such strong threads of illusion,
only to unravel them in a cruel demise?
You left me lost, without compass or guide,
unable to comprehend your calculated lies.

Broken promises are scars upon the soul,
eternal reminders of love unfulfilled.
My wounded heart struggles in agony,
without finding answers, unsure where to rebuild.

But amidst the pain and desolation,
a flicker of hope burns within me still.
I will learn to heal, to leave this deception behind,
and rise from the ashes with strength and trust's thrill.

© Shoshan

"Dreams fade when promises dissipate into thin air." © Shoshan

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