Personal decisions shouldn't require public interrogations - Quote in pics  

Personal decisions shouldn't require public interrogations


Personal decisions shouldn't require public interrogations.

Sometimes it feels like we're perpetually on display, where every choice we make, from the way we dress to our career moves or relationships, is under the unending judgment of others, especially from male figures or family. It's exhausting to constantly have to defend yourself, as if your decision-making ability is perpetually in doubt. Why aren’t men held to the same scrutinizing standards? Why is there an ever-present expectation for us to have a justification at the ready for every single choice, no matter how minor?

Honestly, it's infuriating, and it's high time we drew a line. Neither you, nor I, nor any of us should feel compelled to explain every decision we make. Our worth isn’t determined by others' approval. And though gossip and judgment might be inevitable in some settings, we hold the power to opt out of that narrative and set clear boundaries. You're the author of your story and your life. While society, or certain individuals, might try to tell you otherwise, always remember that your voice and choices are valid and they don’t require anyone else's stamp of approval. It's time to stand up and claim your space and autonomy unapologetically!

Facing you, I stand, with this weight on my soul,
Always seeking answers, when all I want is to be whole.
Day in, day out, your eyes seem to ask "Why?",
Can't you see I'm free, not here to justify?

Why must you question every move I make?
Don't you see the weariness, the toll it starts to take?
My life isn't an open book for you to dissect and explore,
I want to be me, not living to meet some score.

Here I am, before you, feeling this constant strain,
Always on the defense, always feeling a chain.
Can't you see my tears? Can't you hear my plea?
Just let me live, let me be, without needing your decree.

© Shoshan

Personal decisions shouldn't require public interrogations

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