Nostalgia is the price we pay for the good times we've had - Quote in pics  

Nostalgia is the price we pay for the good times we've had


"Nostalgia is the price we pay for the good times we've had." © Shoshan

Nostalgia is that sigh that escapes our soul when we stumble upon an old photo album or hear a tune that takes us back to simpler times. It's the rearview mirror of the soul, a lens that lets us glimpse what we've left behind without showing us where we're going. It's not quite sadness, but it's not pure joy either; it's a bittersweet feeling that envelops us like a soft, melancholic breeze.

Sometimes, nostalgia takes us by the hand and walks us down a path that exists only in our memory. It's like being in two places at once; one in the present and another in a past that no longer exists. Nostalgia is the fertilizer of memory; it makes our recollections bloom but can also entangle us in its weeds if we're not careful.

At the end of the day, nostalgia is the price we pay for the good times we've had. It's the bill that comes after we've collected experiences and emotions that have shaped who we are today. And while that price can sometimes feel steep, it's a reminder that we've lived, that we've felt, and most importantly, that it's worth moving forward, accumulating more moments that will one day become sweet memories.

In the corners of my soul,
whispers of a past that no longer holds.
I keep walking, but glance back
at the footprints time neither erases nor unpacks.

In the solitude of the night,
I find myself in a chest of memories,
surrounded by what was and no longer is,
like faded photographs forgotten in winter's freeze.

Nostalgia is the price I've paid,
for kisses that still burn, for bonds that fade.
And although it sometimes feels like a sentence,
it reminds me I've lived, I've loved, without pretense.

© Shoshan

The quote in this image is dedicated to everyone who has felt nostalgia as a warm and melancholic embrace from the past: "Nostalgia is the price we pay for the good times we've had." © Shoshan

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