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To soar high, you must first learn how to fall with style


To soar high, you must first learn how to fall with style

"To soar high, you must first learn how to fall with style." © Shoshan


We've all been there: those times when life seems to have knocked us flat on our backs, and we're wallowing in a puddle of mistakes, regrets, and embarrassment. You know, like when you try to assemble that IKEA furniture and end up with extra parts and an instruction manual that looks more like hieroglyphics than a how-to guide. Or when you try to impress on that first date, and somehow you end up talking about your Funko Pop collection for 20 minutes. Yes, life is full of those "Oops" moments. But here's the kicker: to soar high, you first have to learn how to fall with style.

Now, before you picture yourself crash-landing with a tutu and a grin (although that would definitely add some style), let's clear something up: falling with style isn't about avoiding failure. In fact, it's the opposite. It's embracing every slip-up, every mistake, and every fiasco as a stepping-stone to something greater. Think of each failure as one of those road bumps that, while jarring, forces you to slow down and pay attention. And if you can learn from that bump, maybe next time you'll find a quicker, more efficient route.

Want to know a secret? The most successful people aren't that way because they've never failed. They are because they've failed many, many times and instead of throwing in the towel, they've learned to turn those failures into valuable lessons. As a wise cartoon character once said, "Failure is the seasoning that gives success its flavor." So the next time you forget your partner's birthday or mess up an important presentation, remember: you're just seasoning your life for something delicious.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should seek out failure. But when it does happen (and it will), don't give up. Don't feel ashamed. Don't run off to hide under the covers while consuming an entire tub of ice cream (well, maybe just a little). Instead, stand tall, dust yourself off, and get ready for your next flight. Because each fall is a disguised opportunity, a master class in what not to do, and one step closer to finding out what it really feels like to soar.

So here we are, all of us imperfect humans navigating this chaotic journey called life. There will be slip-ups. There will be blunders. But there will also be laughter, lessons, and if you're lucky, a bit of soaring. So the next time you hit a bump in your road, don't worry. Just make sure to fall with style, because that's what will set you up to touch the sky.

© Shoshan

I climbed the peak in heels, ready to take the throne,
But stumbled and found myself back at square one, alone.
My heels didn't break, but my pride did take a spill,
Then I realized, to soar high, you must first learn the art of the downhill.

With smudged lipstick, I stared into the glass,
"Is this the end?" I wondered, a distant murmur to surpass.
No, my reflection replied, grinning with flair,
"Each fall's a lesson, preparing you for your next affair."

I swapped my heels for sneakers, I won't admit defeat,
Every mistake is a stepping stone, a lesson to meet.
With each fall, each scrape, and each bruise,
I'm gearing up for a future that I'll be thrilled to choose.

To the woman in me, I say, don't fear the fall,
In every slip, there's wisdom, a lesson to enthrall.
Tomorrow, with style, I'll rise from this ground,
Because each tumble is a step closer to the heaven I've found.

So to you, strong woman, in every shape and hue,
Don't fear failure, it's life's school, your personal cue.
Each slip molds you, each error is your tutor,
For the day you'll finally discover what it feels like to soar.

© Shoshan

"To soar high, you must first learn how to fall with style." © Shoshan

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