There is no ideal Christmas - Quote in pics  

There is no ideal Christmas


May this Christmas live up to your dreams, and that you may find reasons of joy in these days!

There is no ideal Christmas;
only the one Christmas
you decide to make
as a reflection of your values,
desires, affections, traditions.
-Bill McKibben


We seem to always remember past Christmases,
especially those of childhood.

We miss the Christmas times of our childhood,
our past experiences,
as if we thought that today
nothing was ever going to be as it was,
that no Christmas is ever going to be the same...

But the essence of Christmas
is something very simple,
something affordable,
something that you and I, even today,
can celebrate again and again:

Let's live this Christmas in a special way,
reflecting our values,
the ones our parents taught us,
trying to do good,
respecting traditions,
and making them part of us.

May the affection,
the brotherly love,
the love and joy
of being together as a family,
and the Christmas activities,
all of this be reflected
in our affection for each other.

Merry Christmas!

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