I've got something unique; I'm a star that'll keep shining - Quote in pics  

I've got something unique; I'm a star that'll keep shining


I've got something unique; I'm a star that'll keep shining

I've got my own worth, and nothing's holding me back.
I'll pursue my goals, no one can stand in my way.
With strength in my heart, I'll forge my path.
Nothing's going to stop me; I'll keep shining bright.

I've got something unique; I'm a star that'll keep shining.
No one can extinguish my fire, no one can silence me.
With strength and determination, I'll always fight.
I've got something unique; I won't stop dreaming.

© Shoshan

[h2Inner Light: A Poem of Resiliencexxxxx [/h2]

I am a lighthouse in the dark night,
my light persists, it takes flight.
Shining strong amid the gloom,
my brave spirit, no tomb.

I face storms without losing sight,
my dreams are my strongest light.
No tempest can sway me away,
my path is clear, nothing can make me stray.

I decide my destiny, I am the helm,
sailing through life with passion as my realm.
Each challenge, each situation,
it’s all part of my creation.

I fall and rise with grace,
each failure is a trace.
Lessons learned, no disgrace,
they are the steps of my palace.

I am free, I am strong, I am me,
my wings spread ready for the spree.
Unbreakable, unstoppable, it is me,
in every step, every action, it is me.

I keep shining, I keep dreaming,
my light is constant, it's beaming.
I am incredible, I am important,
my value shines, it can't be dormant.

I am a warrior in every battle,
my courage resonates, it doesn’t rattle.
Though the road might be steep,
my spirit is strong, its resolve deep.

To each challenge, I respond with courage,
no fear can blur my image.
I am brave, I am the sun,
my inner light is my greatest ton.

Each victory is my song,
in every note, I feel strong.
Each achievement, each celebration,
is part of my great jubilation.

I move on, I keep growing,
each day, a new learning is flowing.
I am resilient, I keep building,
my life, a canvas constantly yielding.

I keep dreaming, I keep flying,
my free spirit, always sighing.
I am incredible, I am radiant,
my inner light is constant, it's defiant.

In every step, in every decision,
my conviction is the main vision.
I am strong, I am brave,
my life is an exciting enclave.

I keep shining, I keep growing,
my indomitable spirit, always glowing.
I am incredible, I am valuable,
my inner light, always wonderful.

Each day, a new adventure,
my path, a constant secure venture.
I am strong, I am brave,
my inner light, always ablaze.

I move on, I keep dreaming,
my free spirit, always gleaming.
I am incredible, I am important,
my inner light, always brilliant.

© Shoshan

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