A mother is the first eternal love we know, she is the love that teaches us to love. - Quote in pics  

A mother is the first eternal love we know, she is the love that teaches us to love.


A mother is the first eternal love we know, she is the love that teaches us to love.

Mothers: our first teachers of love. ❤️👩‍👧‍👦 A love that always accompanies us, wherever we go. 🌍💫 #MotherlyLove

"A mother is the first eternal love we know, she is the love that teaches us to love.
© Shoshan

Mothers: their love is our guiding star. No matter how far we go, it always leads us home. ❤️🏡💫 #MotherlyLove

A Mother's Love: The First and Eternal Lesson in Love

The love of a mother is a profound, unending melody that resonates within us from our earliest moments. It is the first, the deepest, and the purest love we ever experience. It is a love that blossoms before we even comprehend what love truly is, and it is through this love that we begin to understand the very concept of giving, caring, and cherishing.

A mother, in her infinite tenderness, embodies love in its truest form. She is the beacon that guides us through life, her love serving as our compass. From her, we learn not just to love, but how to love - selflessly, wholeheartedly, and without condition.

This love transcends time, distance, and even the physical realm. It is an eternal love, a love that persists even when we stumble, when we err, when we are at our lowest. It is a love that celebrates our victories, soothes our defeats, and encourages us to rise again.

A mother's love is the first chapter in our life's book of love. It lays the foundation for all the love we give and receive throughout our lives. It is through her love that we learn to love others, and more importantly, ourselves.

So, let us cherish this eternal love, this first love. Let us remember that it is through this love that we have learned to love. And let us pass on this lesson, this gift, to those who come after us. For the love of a mother is not just a feeling, it is a legacy of love, a testament to the power of love, and a lifelong lesson in the art of love.

© Shoshan

Poem: A Mother's Love: The First and Everlasting Lesson

Mother, enduring song of boundless love,
your affection is the first language I came to know,
you were my guide when roads were rough and tough,
you are the beacon that makes my path glow.

Mother, wellspring of tenderness and care,
your love, like a river, ceaselessly flows,
in your arms, I found my initial solace,
your voice, my comfort, my repose.

Mother, teacher of unconditional love,
you taught my heart how to take flight,
your love is my compass and my guide,
it's the melody that teaches me to love right.

Mother, your love transcends time and space,
it's an echo that rings beyond life's final pace,
you are my first and everlasting love,
your affection, mother, is my heavenly grace.

Beneath your mantle, I learned to love,
to give without expecting, to forgive what's tough,
mother, your love is my timeless legacy,
it's the love lesson that will always be enough.

Mother, your love is my strength, my tie,
it's the bond that cannot be undone,
your love, mother, is the most beautiful tune,
it's the song that I'll forever hum.

© Shoshan

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