You should never regret a single day of your life - Quote in pics  

You should never regret a single day of your life


There are bad days, good days, and many in between... but there should be no regrets, they all contribute, they all make us better.

You should never regret
a single day of your life:
the good days bring joy,
the bad ones bring experience,
the worst ones bring lessons
and the best ones bring
fond memories.


There are good days,
and bad days too.

It makes no sense
to spend time thinking
about what could have been different,
and what went wrong...
unless it is in order to grow, to mature,
to learn how to behave
and to make progress in our lives.

Bad and good experiences,
we all have them,
the more fortunate
and the less fortunate ones,
nobody is free from bad days
and nobody is free
from going through difficulties...
but it is also a fact
that we can all have
days of joy and happiness,
and that no matter
how bad yesterday's day was,
it can be of use to us.

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