Prayer God, inspire in us the desire to do good. - Quote in pics  

Prayer God, inspire in us the desire to do good.


Prayer God, inspire in us the desire to do good.

A heartfelt prayer seeking God's guidance and strength to help us do good to others at all times.

Prayer for Help to Do Good to Others

God, we humbly ask you to guide us to always do good for others. We aspire to be beacons of light in the darkness, guiding those who are lost. May our actions sow seeds of kindness in the hearts of those around us.

We seek your wisdom to carry your light everywhere. May our presence and actions reflect your love and goodness. We aspire to be instruments of your peace, easing suffering and bringing hope.

We ask for your help to always remember that, even in difficult times, we can do good. Help us to have the strength and courage to do what's right. In your goodness, we ask you to help us be true bearers of your light, doing good for others at all times.

© Shoshan, 01/20/2024

🙏 May this prayer inspire us to extend God's kindness 💖 and love to all those around us, no matter the circumstances. 🌍🤗

God, inspire in us the desire to do good.
May we not only think of ourselves, but carry your light and love to all.
Grant us the strength to act righteously, even when it's difficult.

This prayer is a heartfelt request for divine guidance and strength to always act in kindness and love towards others. It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest times, we can be a beacon of light and hope. The prayer beautifully expresses the desire to not only be a reflection of divine love and goodness but also to actively spread it by easing suffering and bringing hope to those around us. It emphasizes the importance of righteous actions, courage, and selflessness. This prayer is perfect for those seeking inspiration and strength to do good in the world, and for those who wish to deepen their spiritual journey by embodying divine light and love.

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