I do not seek to heal from past loves, nor erase the traces of what was important... - Quote in pics  

I do not seek to heal from past loves, nor erase the traces of what was important...


I do not seek to heal from past loves, nor erase the traces of what was important...

"I don't intend to heal from past loves, nor erase the traces of what mattered most.

In every person who has crossed my path, I've left a piece of myself, and in their stories, I've found life's true richness.

I may have scars, but I refuse to live in fear. I choose to be the sum of each love and lesson learned.

I embrace the present and look towards my future, trusting that every step is a chance to grow, to love, and to become the best version of myself."

© Shoshan

Embracing Our Past Loves: A Reflection on Personal Growth

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you've grown because of your past relationships? We often look back with nostalgia or pain, focusing on what might have been. But what if we shift that perspective?

It's not about healing from past loves as if they are wounds that need to be urgently closed. Nor is it about erasing their traces. Each love, each relationship, is an essential chapter in our story, a piece of who we are.

Think about it, every person who has come into and left your life has left something valuable behind. In those shared stories, in those unique moments, there's immense richness. They're life lessons, pieces of a puzzle that make up who you are today.

Yes, you might have scars—who doesn’t? But living in fear of getting hurt again is to miss out on the best of life. Choose to be that person who gets up, learns, and strengthens with each lived experience.

Embrace the present with all that it entails. Look forward. Each day is an opportunity to grow, to love, to become better. Don't let the 'exes', the loves of the past, hold you back. They are steps on your ladder to the best version of you.

Life is an incredible journey, and each love, each relationship, is a unique landscape on that journey. Learn from them, grow with them, and move forward. In the end, these experiences are what make you who you are: a more complete, wiser, and definitely stronger person.

Isn't it exciting to think about all you've learned and all that's still to come? The future is bright for those who dare to love, learn, and move forward. Go ahead, this path is yours to walk!

Poem: Fotprints of the Heart

On the canvas of my life, each stroke tells a tale,
of loves that came and left like the dawn's gentle gale.
Each face, each voice, a chapter that won't pale,
marking my soul, teaching me, in memory's veil.

I seek not to erase, nor yearn to forget,
each footprint is a treasure, not a burden to beget.
They are, those departed loves, who taught me to set
sails to dream, to laugh, and sometimes to fret.

In every goodbye, a lesson is gleaned,
in every tear shed, a newfound strength is seen.
Past loves, my life's teachers, in their embrace I've been,
in their farewells reborn, in their love I lean.

I embrace my scars as medals of war,
evidence that I loved, lived on this shore.
No regrets, no fears that sore,
just gratitude for every love, every wait, every lore.

I look to the sky with hope, with a heart that never tires,
to love, to learn, to follow life's choirs.
For in each love, in each challenge, there's a fire
that propels me forward, in this life, my wire.

Thus I walk, with steady steps, eyes set ahead,
each past love, a lighthouse in my tread.
They are part of me, in my constant journey, led
by past loves, eternal, significant, a widespread thread.

© Shoshan

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