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If you want to forget him, why don't you block him?


If you want to forget him, why don't you block him?

If you want to forget him, why don't you block him?
And if you block him, why do you still follow his profile from a second account?

Blocking is trying to forget 💔, but secretly watching means you can't let go 👀

If you were the one who said goodbye, why do you keep answering his calls?
You ended it for a reason; every message you read adds another doubt.
Ending the relationship was your choice, but responding to his messages reopens the door.
You left his stuff at the door, but have you removed his memories from your heart?
Rereading old messages isn't nostalgia, it's refusing to close a book that's already finished.
Letting go isn't losing, it's choosing to win back yourself.
Deleting his number isn't enough; erase his influence from your life.
Stopping your online spying on him is the new 'I've moved on'. Do it.
Self-love begins when you stop swiping through memories that no longer belong to you.
Look forward, where your future shines, not at a screen where the past still lingers.
© Shoshan

Reflection: In the Web of Forgetting

In this era of digital connections, a contradiction emerges that many have experienced, but few admit. "If you want to forget them, why don't you block them?" seems a straightforward question, an easy solution for a wounded heart. But reality is more complex, more human.

Blocking someone on social media appears as a definitive act, a clean cut in the fabric of what once was a relationship. But, is it really the end? The mind, curious and sometimes masochistic, leads us to create a second profile, a secret window into the life of the person we swore to forget.

This action, seemingly contradictory, is actually a reflection of our internal struggle. On one hand, we want to heal, to distance ourselves from what hurts us. On the other hand, we cling to memories, to those fragments of a shared story we still cherish.

Looking from the shadow of anonymity becomes a habit, a routine check telling us we haven’t moved past what we're trying to leave behind. It's a constant reminder of our vulnerability, our humanity.

This duality between the desire to forget and the inability to let go reflects the complexity of human relationships in the digital age. It's not just about a block button; it's about an emotional process that requires time and introspection.

So, the next time you find yourself asking, "If you want to forget them, why don't you block them?", remember that the heart and mind often travel on different paths. And at this crossroads of emotions, we are all learning to navigate.

© Shoshan, 01/29/2024

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