The only thing I ask of you when you talk to me - Quote in pics  

The only thing I ask of you when you talk to me


"The only thing I ask of you when you talk to me is that your words be fair, that they correspond to the size of your feelings, because if you tell me no, for me it's no, and if you tell me it's raining, for me it's raining. And if you tell me love, to me it is love". © Rosario Castellanos

Words are the essence of our communication, and their power lies in their fairness and the emotion they convey. With them, we can make someone feel loved, understood, and valued. That's why when we speak, we must choose them carefully, making sure they match our feelings. Because every word that comes out of our mouths has the power to create a new world.

My darling love, when we talk,
your words hold such power and sway.
They can make my heart skip a beat,
or bring light to my darkest of days.

So I ask of you, my sweet one,
to speak with fairness and grace.
Choose words that match what you feel,
and let them bloom in this space.

For when you tell me "no," my dear,
it echoes through my very soul.
And when you say "it's raining,"
I feel the drops upon my skin whole.

But when you speak of love, my love,
my heart fills up with glee.
For your words match what's in your heart,
and it's where I long to be.

So let's talk with intention, my love,
and choose each word with care.
For in each one lies our connection,
and the love that we both share.

© Shoshan

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