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Less criticism, more helping eachother


Less criticism, more helping eachother

We're too quick to judge, and too slow in offering to lend a hand and help. I wish that wasn't the case.


“We meet many people throughout our lives.
Many have not been nice to us,
but instead of criticizing them,
we should try helping them.

Who knows; we don’t know what’s in their heart...
but perhaps a kind word could lead to a change in their lives.

To change the world might be impossible,
but if we change one person,
your stay in this life
will not have been in vain.”

© author: Shoshan


There are times
in which the words of kindness
achieve more than criticism.

There are not a few occasions,
where we talk too much
and what we do is insufficient,
or rather should I say, nothing at all.

Let's work together,
let's support,
to offer help,
but without so much criticism,
without so much pride,
without showing ourselves so superior.

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